Top 9 must have tools for your e-commerce website

Top 9 must have tools for your e-commerce website

You have finally launched your website, but it’s only the first step. The journey is just beginning. Because you become a part of a huge market, with a lot of competitors. Your website needs a few tools to aid its functionality. Many helpful tools on the market will make your site successful and effective. By using these tools, you can achieve customer satisfaction and maybe increase your sales graphic in a short time. In this blog post, we briefly explained some of the tools and their features that will help you on your site.

First Step: Analysis

Let’s start with the analysis tools first. You need to use analytics tools to observe how well your site is working, what visitors are doing on your site and detect leaks in your sales funnels. One of the must-haves of every site, Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool that provides reports on the interactions of users entering your website. 

It is built on 4 basic main components: data collection, data processing, configuration, and reporting. It is a very useful service that you can use to analyze your website in all details, to measure the effectiveness of the advertisements you have run, and to obtain detailed information about your target audience. It offers a comprehensive analysis of visitors’ behavior. In line with this data, you can examine in detail from which source the visitors enter your website, how long they stay, which page attracts more visitors, which keyword is effective, and which pages the visitor visit.

Built on Keywords

Another important tool for your site is keyword planners. The keywords that you will use for your business’ online visibility should describe your products perfectly. With the right keyword analysis, you can quickly reach your potential group in search engines. With the Google Keyword Planner, which is offered free of charge by Google, you can determine the appropriate keywords or groups for your business and brand. Moreover, you can easily see the traffic of these words. Also To use this tool on your site, you only need to have a GoogleAds account.

Golden Key: SEO

For your site’s SEO work, we recommend two different tools; Semrush and Screaming Frog. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for a site. That’s why you should make sure that the tools you use meet your needs. We can briefly define Semrush as an SEO Assistant that contains all the analysis and research tools necessary for search engine optimization. Semrush is a paid tool. Thanks to Semrush, you can do a detailed keyword search, as well as see the volume of these words in search engines, their competition, and the results of similar word groups. In addition, it allows to determine the links that the site receives from outside and to intervene if necessary.

Another important player in Seo, Screaming Frog has both paid and free versions. It is a highly advanced and reliable SEO tool like SemRush that helps you to detect existing problems on your website. Screaming Frog scans a website’s images, backlinks, meta tags, CSS, content, and many other things as a desktop application. Thus, it provides SEO experts and website owners useful information to improve their duplicate pages, missing metadata, and rankings in the SERP. By using this obtained analysis, it allows you to improve your site and ensure that your site works with a more qualified performance.

Internet users today are quite impatient. Everyone is racing against time. Therefore, keeping your visitors on the site is directly related to the speed performance of websites. Moreover, the speed of opening the site and pages play a very effective role in SEO studies. For this reason, you need to do speed tests of your site periodically. The tool we recommend for you to do speed tests of your site is Google PageSpeed Insights. With this tool, you can measure the speed of your site, identify problematic sections and take action to correct them.

Welcome to the Communication Age

In addition to all the tools we mentioned, you should also use tools that will enable you to communicate with your customers on your site and inform them about your innovations and campaigns. Thus, you can ensure the brand loyalty of your customers and establish effective communication between the brand and the customer. In this direction, we recommend that you use MailChimp, which allows you to work in an integrated manner with your site and enables you to reach your customers with mail marketing.

MailChimp is an e-mail marketing service. You can create e-mail lists, e-mail newsletters, automated e-mail campaigns using MailChimp software. MailChimp helps you create your lists and spread them to a large audience with user-friendly and dynamic forms that you can customize according to your brand’s personality. You can also link these forms to your personal/business website. The most exciting part of an email campaign is watching how it performs. Thanks to MailChimp’s advanced reporting feature, comprehensive notch analysis, you can determine whether your customers that registered to your mailing list, prefer simple text links or image links. Likewise, you can see whether your customers click more on links above or below the email content. Another form of reporting provided by the tool is A/B testing. This allows a campaign manager to send different versions of mail at different times. In addition, it allows determining which campaign is performing better in the target audience.

You can also use live support tools that will allow you to instantly answer your customers’ questions through your site. For example, you can easily have a free live support application with the help of a small code that you will add to your site with Zopim. With its free version, Zopim only allows you to correspond with one client at a time. It is an alternative that we can recommend for beginner e-commerce sites. You can customize the interface according to the colors of your own brand. It is a very user-friendly tool with Turkish language feature.

Bonus for E-Commerce!

And of course, as a bonus, we will have a few suggestions for the shopping cart application that you need to add to your page to realize the final purpose of your e-commerce site, which is the sale. If you cannot work with a software developer, various tools on the market will allow you to add a shopping cart to your e-commerce site, both paid and free. Some of those; AgoraCart and Opencart. Agoracart plugin, which has open-source software, is free. It is compatible with various digital payment systems such as Paypal. Moreover, you can also manage your stock with Agoracart, which can customize its visual appearance as you wish. Another frequently preferred shopping cart tool is Opencart due to its ease of use. The platform also allows you to add discounts on bulk purchases and for customers to pay with discount coupons.

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